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Discussion Points for Punto Legal- January 03, 2018


1. TPS.

Can a person with TPS fix his papers based on an employer’s petition for an alien worker?

This is an unanswered question from 2017. If person entered the U.S. legally and then got TPS and continued to get TPS, they could fix their papers in the United States based on an employer’s petition for an alien worker. On the other hand, if the person entered the U.S. illegally, then got TPS, and continued to get TPS, I don’t think the immigration would let them fix their papers in the U.S. The reason is the law that allows you to fix your papers in the U.S. requires that you maintain a perfect immigration status from the time of your legal entry, unless you are married to a U.S. citizen.

2. DACA.

Today there was supposed to be meeting at the White House about the military budget and the domestic spending budget. It is widely expected that the DREAM Act would be discussed. The big question is how much the Trump Administration will demand in exchange for a DREAM Act . . . and if President Trump demands too much can be talked down.

In my opinion, there are at least 60 votes in the Senate for a DREAM Act. And, the House of Representatives, we have the Speaker of the House for the DREAM Act. So, a DREAM Act is a real possibility.

The federal government runs out of money on January 19. The Democrats are offering their votes for a federal budget, if they get a DREAM Act . . .