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Is Your Immigration Status In Danger Because Of DUI Charges?


DUI charges do not make you inadmissible as a permanent resident or deportable as a green card holder. However, DUI charges can have the following immigration consequences:

  • DUI charges may lead to a finding of a drug or alcohol abuse disorder, if you are fixing your papers at the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez. In this case, you will have to remain in Mexico for an additional year and show “remission” of the drug or alcohol abuse disorder.
  • Multiple DUI charges may lead to a denial of your adjustment of status in the United States based an exercise of government discretion.
  • ICE has access to the fact you have been charged with a DUI. ICE may target you for deportation, if you are undocumented and have a DUI.
  • DUI charges may lead to ICE looking for you at the courthouse, if you are undocumented.

That is why it’s so important to consult with an immigration attorney about your DUI because each case depends on a lot of different factors.

Do Not Risk It – Ask For Help After A DUI Charge

At Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, our criminal defense lawyers are the type of fighters you need when your immigration status makes the DUI charges against you especially risky. Ted Hess, our firm’s founder and lead attorney, served in the Marine Corps and worked at the Pentagon and in Congress before going into private practice. His unique background taught Mr. Hess how to fight for his clients. We care about you as an individual and will work tenaciously to keep you in this country.

We are proud to serve Western Colorado’s Latino community, as well as other immigrants in the region. An arrest on drunk driving charges does not automatically mean the life you have built for yourself and your family in the U.S. is over. Let us protect your rights and seek a solution that keeps you here.

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