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Teens can face a DUI even if they only have half a drink

Police officers in Colorado are aggressive about enforcing underage drunk driving laws. They will pull over anyone who shows signs of impairment at the wheel. However, teenagers are subject to much stricter restrictions than older drivers.

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can mean jail time, the loss of your license and big fines even if there weren’t any injuries or property damage. A DUI conviction will also likely increase how much it costs to insure your vehicle once it is legal for you to drive again.

If a driver suspected of a DUI is not old enough to legally drink, the driver won’t even have to consume an entire beer or glass of wine to potentially fail Colorado sobriety tests.

Colorado’s zero-tolerance law for teen drivers is strict

Adults driving after having alcohol have to show that the drinks did not affect their skill by performing field sobriety tests. They may have to take a chemical breath test to prove that their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is under the legal limit of 0.08%. An adult can have several drinks and pass a breath test

However, the limit is far lower for drivers who are not yet 21. Chemical breath test results of 0.02% or higher can lead to a DUI arrest and charges for a minor in Colorado. It may not even take an entire drink for a team to reach a BAC level that will result in criminal charges.

Understanding the strict rules about drunk driving in Colorado can help you and your family members avoid mistakes that could lead to DUI charges.