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Colorado’s new immigration laws are highly advantageous

Over the past decade, Colorado has made many significant strides in protecting immigrants seeking to live and work in the United States. Some of the critical work of the decade includes the end of:

  • A law barring the state government from working with businesses or companies employing immigrants
  • The state’s “show me your papers” law
  • A law barring immigrants from receiving state benefits

As a result, Colorado has gone from a state with harsh immigration laws to a state with a positive and proactive viewpoint on immigration. In 2021, lawmakers passed over a dozen more pro-immigrant laws.

Recent laws passed in Colorado

This year, our state added new laws providing even more benefits and protections for immigrants:

  • HB21-1057 prohibits the act of threatening to report an immigrant’s legal status to take advantage of migrants.
  • HB21-1075 repeals using the term “illegal alien” in state laws.
  • HB21-1054 allows immigrants without papers to apply for state housing assistance.

On June 25, Governor Polis put his signature on four more new pro-immigrant laws:

  • HB21-1194 establishes a legal defense fund for immigrants.
  • HB21-1150 establishes the state “Office of New Americans.”
  • SB21-077 eliminates the requirement that immigrants must prove a “lawful presence” before seeking a professional license.
  • SB21-131 prohibits the sharing of resident migrant’s personal information with Immigration, Customs and Enforcement unless a judge orders that the data be shared.

The outlook for immigrants Colorado continues to improve. However, it is still smart for those experiencing any form of legal trouble or immigration problems to learn more. Often, an experienced attorney can help those who do not know where to turn for assistance.