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The Employment Fifth Preference E5 Immigration Investor Visa

If you've tried to get a visa to enter the United States and failed, you know how difficult the process can be. However, you still might want to keep your eyes on the prize.

The U.S. government grants about 140,000 visas for employment-based entry into the country each year. The government grants these visas to those who qualify for entry under U.S. immigration laws.

Have you considered the E5 Immigrant Investor?

The U.S. government hands out a limited number of work visas annually. The government doles these visas out under five preference categories. It's important to understand these categories to select the one that gives you the best chances of getting into the country. One preference category -- the Employment Fifth Preference -- is for E5 Immigrant Investors.

Also called the Immigrant Entrepreneur visa, the Employment Fifth Preference (E5) Immigrant Investor Visa offers entry to the United States to entrepreneurs who want to start new commercial enterprises that can help grow the U.S. economy.

For those with the financial capital, becoming an E5 investor is a viable strategy to secure a U.S. visa. In fact, E5 investors account for approximately 7.1 percent of employment-based visas issued by the United States annually.

The capital you invest must belong to you

Qualifying E5 investors must invest money without borrowing, and for many, the level of capital investment is prohibitively high. As an E5 immigrant investor, you must:

  • Invest $1,000,000 into a business enterprise, or $500,000 into a rural business enterprise in an area with high unemployment.
  • Create at least ten full-time jobs for ten United States citizens within a timeframe of two years. The ten full-time employees cannot be the spouse, daughters or sons of the E5 visa recipient. The employees must be lawful and permanent residents of the United States or immigrants who have U.S. work permits.

Do you think you can qualify for an E5 visa?

It certainly helps to have an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong sense of business if you want to qualify for an E5 visa. Many individuals, however, fit the bill exactly, and opening a business in the United States is precisely the reason why they want to move to the country. If you think you fit the above description for the E5 visa, this could be the right visa track for you.

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