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DACA could protect you from deportation

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protects you from being deported if you meet the requirements. If you were brought to the U.S. when you were younger, you may be eligible for DACA. DACA does not grant you citizenship, but there may be ways to get a green card after you have been granted deferred action, depending on your situation.

How DACA can help you

DACA does not grant you citizenship, but it can stop you from being deported for two years. After two years have passed, you can apply for renewal. You can request DACA renewal any number of times.

Once DACA is granted, you can also apply for work authorization. If you have work authorization, you can receive a social security number, a Colorado driver's license, and a work permit to legally work in the United States.

To be eligible for DACA, you must meet these requirements:

· You came to the U.S. before you were 16 years old, and you have lived here since June 15, 2007

· You were in the United States on June 15, 2012

· You were younger than 31 years old on June 15, 2012

· You were not a lawful citizen on June 15, 2012

· You are in school, you have graduated from high school, you have a GED or you are an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S.

· You have no felony or significant misdemeanors on your criminal record

If you meet the requirements above, you can file for DACA. When you file, you will need the documents listed here.

Are you eligible for a green card?

Getting a green card is very hard if you came to the United States illegally. However, it is possible in the right circumstances. One option for immigrants protected by DACA is to leave on advance parole. This means you are authorized to leave the U.S. and re-enter later. If you re-enter the United States on advance parole, this is considered a lawful entry. If you have a citizen spouse or child and enter the U.S. lawfully, you are eligible for a green card.

Can you be deported if your DACA request is denied?

No. Even if you are denied, you will not be reported to ICE. You and your family will not be deported if you file for DACA.

Para más información de DACA en Español, oprima aquí.

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It is recommended that you apply five months before your current work authorization expires.

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