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Do You Need An Immigration Waiver?

If you have been told you need an immigration waiver, you need to talk to an attorney right away.

The law firm of Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, will know whether you actually need a waiver. If you do need a waiver, we will help you get one.

Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. We have a successful track record of getting waivers for immigrants in Western Colorado, helping them avoid deportation.

Immigration Lawyers Helping You And Your Family Stay In The U.S.

One way immigrants can avoid deportation is by getting extreme hardship waivers. Our law firm takes great pride in helping immigrants get these waivers. In fact, we have nearly a 100 percent record of success in obtaining extreme hardship waivers for immigrants.

An extreme hardship waiver lets an immigrant remain in the U.S. after proving that deportation would cause an extreme hardship to a qualifying relative (such as a spouse, child or parent) who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

The immigration courts do not make it easy for people to get these waivers. Successful waiver applications might point to extreme hardships like a serious medical condition suffered by a qualifying relative, a financial hardship, or a lack of educational or medical resources in the applicant's home country.

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We charge flat fees for immigration work. Before we begin working on your case, we will tell you what it will cost. We have payment plans and are willing to work within your budget. We don't want money to stop you from getting the legal help you need.

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